reader module

Contains class frameworks for parsing data from .bib files, .pdf files, and bibliographic/citation APIs respectively.

Can be run directly from the command-line if there is new data you want to save to the database, like so: ` python citationkey ` where citationkey is the citation key of a .pdf file (ie. citationkey.pdf) including references (ie. journal article or bibliography chapter) or .bib file (ie. citationkey_citations.bib or citationkey_references.bib) in the bib_files folder. NB: .bib files can be generated by Zotero, ideally using the BetterBibTex format [authForeIni][authEtAl][year]. Create a unique Subcollection with the item referred to by the citation key, together with a selection of works it references, or which cite it, and export it to a .bib file named accordingly.

class reader.Api(doi)

Bases: object

TODO: integrate with literature classes so that received data is saved.


Fetch DOI, citations and reference data from APIs.

class reader.Bib(db_file, key)

Bases: object

Uses pybtex to read .bib files (generated, at least in my case, by Zotero), and uses the data to call the relevant literature classes, thus saving data to database.

class reader.Pdf(db_file, key, number=20)

Bases: object